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Digital Imaging

AMT’s factory trained camera technicians can help to protect your investment by getting your camera repaired exactly to manufacturer’s standards. All of our repair parts are ordered from the original manufacturer. AMT has earned a reputation for being the camera repair center you can trust.

In our service the Digital Image Sensor cleaning is performed according to manufactured recommendations. We are using professional grade cleaners to remove dust and other residue. Each CCD or CMOS is checked under microscope to ensure the quality of cleaning. We also take pictures before and after the cleaning to double check the images and make sure that CCD or CMOS is free of debris.

AMT’s expertise lies with Nikon cameras and services available:

  • CCD cleaning and repair
  • LCD screen replacements
  • Lens / zoom problems
  • Collimator testing
  • Flash problems

AMT will also perform out of warranty repairs on such brands as Fuji, Panasonic and Sony subject to availability of parts. With a tradition of quality service since 1980, we’re confident we can address all of your home electronics service needs

National Nikon Program

Shipping Instructions

When sending your camera, lens or flash to us for repair check closely for any loose items and please remove and do not send any accessories which are not required for repair such as batteries, straps, memory cards, and lens caps, etc. Cameras should be placed in a plastic bag and then packed in bubble wrap or other packing material with at least 2 inches of packing material on all sides. Make sure that you include your complete contact information and a short description of the problem you are experiencing.

Verification and Shipment Fees

We charge 60$ verification fee which is deducted from the estimate if accepted.  An estimate will be emailed to you which you can respond with acceptance or decline.  We offer free CCD cleaning with every accepted estimate.

Return shipment is 20$ whether the estimate is accepted or declined.

Your package should include the following information:
Email address
Type of Camera or Equipment
Short Description of problem

The package should be addressed as follows:
358 McArthur Street
St.Laurent, QC
H4T 1X8

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